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Status of FCRP

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Update, 18th February 2014

Apologies for the downtime with the website, it just unexpectedly died somehow and was a bit of a problem to fix.  Nonetheless, it's back and I'm back with a little update regarding the server.  Honestly, I thought that the attention surrounding the server would have died down a bit by now, but at least every week or so I'm still being asked by people if FCRP is coming back, and there never seems to be any shortage of comments on this page either.  It really is nice to see this, and I'm pleased that there were a lot of people that enjoyed themselves on FCRP and are really eager to jump back in and get things online again.  Without a doubt, if I could put FCRP back up, I would, but it's not that simple, and there's all sorts of problems like the script needing to be developed and the ongoing conversion of everything.  Perhaps the biggest obstacle though, is my increasingly busy schedule and real life commitments.

I certainly think there's a good chance that FCRP, or something similar to it, could return in the future, and it'll be interesting to see what happens with GTA V and if it ever releases on PC and if it will be possible to make scriptable multiplayer for it.  Certainly, this would be awesome, and I'm actually already prepared for it if it does come to fruition.

In the mean time though, I will continue to develop the script in my spare time.  At least this way, if there is a position where we could get things going again, we wouldn't have to worry about the script.


Update 2nd September 2013 - Progress...

Over the past few weeks I have been working on FCRP related stuff very occasionally and as such, there has been some progress as far as the script is concerned. Now, instead of using Firstname_Lastname player accounts that require you to make a new account for a new character, FCRP is set up to use single accounts (or master accounts as some servers call them), where you register one account with a username and password and then get to create characters on that account. When you log into the account, you get to select (or create) a character to play with. The main advantage of this is it allows for players to use different characters without us losing track of things. It was very frustrating for our staff trying to moderate the server when people would be switching between characters all the time and we didn't know who was who. With this system, you'll be able to keep your characters in one place and have easier access to them and we'll be able to keep on top of things better. Perhaps the key point though is that if FCRP does come back, it'll be so, so, so much easier for me to maintain all of my characters - it was a real pain trying to remember them all.

Some progress has been made on the mapping front as well. Over the past month or so I've played around with the map editor as something to do and the result has been quite impressive. Bayside has been transformed substantially - it's now a thriving and vibrant seaside town similar perhaps to Atlantic City, yet still retains the upper and middle class housing and feel. Definitely the most upscale, modern and pretty of the towns, and with a double helipad heliport, marina, dock, market, several restaurants and bars, stores and strip clubs, Bayside would be sure to play a large part in any future server.

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Update 4th July 2013 - On this day, exactly one year ago...

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Exactly one year ago, FCRP had only just been created a few weeks ago, and was steadily and slowly growing into what it became during the next five months or so. As is customary, the Independence Day firework celebrations were planned and at about 7 PM BST, a year and few hours ago, while the small town of Fort Carson was experiencing a rare, peaceful moment with the celebrations, a small Jaunk Air flight en-route to San Fierro, owing to severe engine failure, fell suddenly from the sky and uncontrollably plummeted into the local bank in Fort Carson, instantly killing all 20 people onboard and 2 others on the ground.

Truth be told, it has been saddening that we've not been able to keep the plane crash tradition going this year because of the closure of the server. For me, it was always a big highlight of the server development process when I would come up with such unique and sudden events which would then be secretly scripted in shortly before the actual start date of the event. It was really fun to come up with things like the plane crash, the sheriff scandal and the SANN Center as they were really the one thing above all else that separated us from just about every other server on SAMP. Indeed, there's certainly nothing that I'd have loved more than to be able to allow history to repeat itself yet again today.

Regarding status of the server right now, I started work a few weeks back on the upgrades that the script needs and at this point in time, the accounts, bans and vehicles now all use MySQL to load and save, which is a big step forward. There is still, however, a lot of work to be done and for reasons which may become slightly more obvious shortly, work on these upgrades will be slowed down somewhat as I expect other commitments take priority for the rest of this month. Again, more details about this will probably emerge as the weeks go by.

For those of you across the pond, happy fourth. For the rest of us, happy Thursday!


Update 12th June 2013

It's been really encouraging to see the overwhelmingly positive reception to the news that the server may be returning, as well as the website redesign and the new domain. We've been looking into how feasible it would be to bring the server back in some form or another and generally, we think that given a significant script update, new website and most importantly, a clean slate, that FCRP could indeed return.

Such a script update, however, would be challenging and time consuming as the outdated command processing and file handling systems would need to be updated to newer systems. Back when the server was running at its peak, many of you will remember the times when everything would lag resulting in players warping and desyncing. This was due, in part, to the script loading hundreds of files such as accounts and the file handling system failing to keep up with the high demand. This system simply wasn't workable - it was slow, unresponsive and required significant amounts of manual effort to develop for. Furthermore, it was inaccessible to the server staff, meaning that big problems such as accounts being wiped would have to wait for me to login to the FTP which wasn't ideal as the server staff had no way of editing the account files.

If we could update our file handling to MySQL and improve the way in which commands are handling, the script would instantly become much better and faster. It would also allow for staff to edit the databases and for data related problems to be easily fixed. This, however, isn't a easy task and would require lots of effort on my part.

Still, if we could do this, the server could very well return. To answer the question that everybody is asking: yes, I believe that FCRP will return, in some form or another (we may do some name or location changing). However, the problem is simply that we don't really know when or how this would happen - as a lot of work is required, not just to the script, but also to the website, the advertising and promotion and the core of the server (such as the staff team and organisation balance). The second problem is that we need to achieve all of this without letting it destroy us again. FCRP consumed far too much of my time, to the point where it really started to cause real problems. Ultimately, we'd need to find a way to get everything updated and working properly, while at the same time remembering that it is simply just a hobby and a game that's meant to be enjoyable for all.

I do, however, hope to have some more updates as the weeks progress,


As you will all be aware, FCRP closed down back in December 2012 after some crippling issues and problems which arose. Back at the time, I never really touched on the nature of the problems, or exactly what happened, simply because I didn't actually know myself exactly what the underlying issues were and the focus was more on what had happened, rather than why it had happened.

Back in November, Vince Kaufman was elected in a landslide election victory after a harsh week of campaigning full of dirty tactics, slander and all sorts of accusations across the board, from all the candidates and from SAN News. This was perhaps the first factor behind the eventual closure of the server as the server management team (Jay, Boo and myself), had expressed a desire for the next government to actually do their job, not be corrupt and not die half way through their term in office. Eventually, we decided that this would be presented as an out-of-character rule for the next government. Indeed, after Vince was elected and before he was sworn in, I spoke with him regarding this rule and the agreement was reached that his government would not be corrupt or deliberately incompetent and that we would all do our best to ensure it was the best government in the short history of the server. Along with this came various creations such as the BCDC legislation forum where for the first time, the county government would pass laws and acts. Up until this point, everything was working as intended and Vince's government was establishing itself as a stable and solid one, the first of its kind in FCRP.

Unfortunately enough, and this is where the problems really started, it turned out that Vince and Jason Carver (who ran various criminal enterprises) had made an in-character deal before the election took place, where Vince would give Jason and his men access to the government, including its weapons and weapons licenses. Obviously, this is where the problems started as on one hand, you had the server management order for a good, stable and non-corrupt government and on the other hand you had the already agreed deal between Vince and Jason. While, at first, there was no sign that anything out of the ordinary was happening, it quickly became very apparent that the government had been corrupted. At one point, R2 and R1 weapons licenses (giving access to virtually all weapons) were being issued to Jason and his men, with Jason himself holding an R2 weapons license. Eventually this got to the point where it started to affect the server in that criminals were afforded any and all weapons at their leisure and consequently, there was a period of time where the server was more like a deathmatch arena. After this, Vince did suspend all of the weapons licenses and announced he would work towards solving Fort Carson's crime problem. Indeed, the murder rate did start to decline and things were returning to normal. After this, it was then acknowledged that rogue government officials were being investigated for selling weapons licenses illegally. At this time, despite the signs of corruption and the fragile state of the county, I probably should have stepped in and enforced the agreement that was made after Vince was elected, however with him being a senior staff member and a friend, I trusted him to get on top of the problem and continue on. In retrospect, with the next major decision he made, this was perhaps a mistake.

Towards the end of November, David Edwards who was the County Commissioner back in July and who had been character killed in a plane crash reappeared in the server. I gave my approval for this, thinking of it as an interesting turn of events, with Edwards reemerging and claiming to have fooled everyone and faked his own death. This was then reported in SAN News, with Edwards confirming that he did indeed fake his own death. Shortly after, however, it turned out that Edwards had been hired to serve in Vince's administration as the Deputy Commissioner. I, at the time, thought it was a pretty interesting development and went along with it. It was then reported in the news and given the past allegations of corruption, the first signs of public discontent started to show with almost all of the comments in the news article being critical of the government such as "What a bunch of fucktards." and "I can just smell the corruption coming" to name but a few. At this point, most players were now aware that there was something wrong with the government, this only intensified after it was reported that Steven OConner, a government employee, had pulled a gun on the police in El Quebrados. It also didn't help that OConner was in the company of a few people that were being arrested for sexual harassment, either.

After this, a rift between the BCSO and the government undoubtedly developed. The police no longer trusted the government and obviously the government had limited trust in the police, this only became worse after Steven OConner was arrested, yet again, and again, this was reported in the news with a picture of him being handcuffed next to his government vehicle. While the first time that OConner was arrested the government took no action, this time he was suspended by David Edwards, although this was met with even more suspicion and doubt from most people, including the SD, given that Edwards wasn't exactly in a good position himself.

Eventually, this got to the point where out-of-character tensions developed between both sides. The BCSO was quickly becoming frustrated with the blatant corruption in the government, the fact that they could do little about it, and the effects it was having on them in terms of sniper attacks, ambushes and crime in general. On the contrary, I can only assume that the government and those associated with it like Jason were frustrated with how the BCSO was attempting to stop them, and that there was a strong feeling among them that the BCSO were metagaming, abusing admin positions and breaking other server rules. Again, I can only assume here as these are the allegations that were presented, although there was little initial evidence to support them and seeing as how the server closed down shortly after, there wasn't an opportunity for the parties involved to discuss the issue, outside of the three page thread that was created about it. Indeed, from what was presented however, it was clear that there were legitimate concerns relating to the BCSO, especially with regards to the character kill policy.

In a day of hot tensions, the BCSO quite arguably overstepped their boundaries and detained several key members of the government (even including the commissioner) after it was alleged that they had invited someone into the staff offices in Town Hall, then brutally attacked them. It also didn't help when several government members tried to resist their detention, resulting in a whole load more drama. This in turn caused a whole host of allegations to come out about the BCSO and the government and eventually it got to the point where the defacto leader of the SD, Nicolai, suspended its operations in what was quite arguably the final nail in the coffin. With no police or government, the server was shut down by Jay as a temporary measure while the conflicts and problems could be discussed and resolved. Sadly, this never happened as there was simply no desire by anybody involved, including me, to do so. Indeed, many of those involved moved on to do their own thing. With conflict still present within the management team, and with me being completely exhausted by everything, the server was simply never started again. Eventually, the decision to close it was made by me in January.

About a month and a half ago, interest in the server spiked again and I was bombarded with questions about if it would or could reopen. Based on this, I did give a small update as to the situation and re-opened the forums for people to post their favourite memories of the sever which quickly filled up with over 200 replies. Everything was taken offline again, however, when our database server crashed and corrupted a couple of weeks ago.

Now, with an awesome domain, sleek theme and fresh new install of the software, the FCRP forums are back in working fashion. Within the next day or two, there should, hopefully, be some encouraging news about the status of the server as was promised for June.


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Great news, can't wait to get back into Fort Carson and play again.

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I caked myself.

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To explain it from the BCSO's perspective:


We were forced into a corner by the Government and the Mafia as the government was working closely with the Mafia.


Whenever we encountered a member from the Mafia or Government we'd immediately come under OOC accusation of abuse (both IC and OOC abuse), members of the BCSO were also constantly challenged on whether or not their actions were in accordance with our guidelines.


We were frustrated at the situation, eventually we were pushed too much too many times, Sam and a couple of deputies eventually arrested most of the government in one swoop, that was the tipping point in my option, FCRP was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode, which it did soon after when the complaint against us was posted which caused further frustration and anger within the BCSO, I had no interest in carrying on with FCRP at that point, I know that other members of the BCSO felt similar. The BCSO was then temporarily suspended by me until the situation was resolved.


It is not just the fault of the government and Mafia, Sam and the rest of the management team is also at fault for not acting when it was apparent that the situation was out of control as Sam explained. The BCSO was also at fault, we shouldn't have allowed ourselves to be pushed as much as we did, we should have insisted on getting the issues resolved.



I'm very hesitant about going back on FCRP for the reasons described above, I'm worried that it will be difficult to forget what happened and that the server ultimately won't be what it was, however that is just my opinion.

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I'm very hesitant about going back on FCRP for the reasons described above, I'm worried that it will be difficult to forget what happened and that the server ultimately won't be what it was, however that is just my opinion.


From my point of view, a relaunch of the server would be nice. It'd be nice for everything to start over fresh. Hopefully, we can experience all those glory moments we had back last year, with functional and friendly relationships with members of the community. In order for this to happen, I think all existing hatred towards other members should be let go, as this would end all feuds between both parties, leading to better gameplay, relationships, and overall community quality. The Community and Staff Team must work together in order to make things great and smooth. The community needs to give feedback report problems/conflicts so that the Staff Team can discuss what needs to be fixed and what needs to be changed. Sure there were problems before, but with more efficient use of teamwork and feedback, we can forget the bad times and make this community better than ever before. Let's start over fresh, confident, and strong.


The recent news is promising, and I look forward to upcoming updates of the server.



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Great! I will be looking forward to this!


Pielog approves! ^_^


- Pielog.

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Jun 06 2013 04:30 PM

Wooohooo, I really can't wait to play on FCRP again, I almost deleted my San Andreas because there were no good servers, but as I've seen this, I changed my mind.

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Looking forward to status of the server.

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Hopefully all these troubles will be solved and we can get on with what we love. Roleplaying on FCRP.

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Although there were indeed some bad moments in the server's lifetime, lets remember some of the better times;



These were incredible, I'd love to pull up in my cruiser and see cars parked everywhere outside the SANN Centre during election speeches, it really showed that we were indeed a community that cared about our ingame policies and laws instead of some random playerbase



Although it seemed like we hated them, most of us at the SD found these guys hilarious, some of the things we did with them were reminiscent of an 80s comedy movie set in the outback's of America (Fig 1. - Chasing the quad bikes whilst they screamed nonsense)


H&S Cars

Not one to glorify my own thing, but this proved to be a huge success. We had no commands and no permanent HQ so I had to manually assign the vehicles to people who bought them. In our first day alone we made a profit of over $300,000 due to the fact we sold vehicles you couldn't find in the dealership. The community loved this idea and I loved running it, especially driving the "Car of the Month" (which was a ZR-350) into Fort Carson and watching people flock around it. This is something I'd like to see put back in if we returned.


Random Community Ideas

Stuff like that random carwash near the townhall, I was very pleased seeing that our players could think of some awesome RP ideas on their own without staff intervention. Hell, I remember us SD guys rolled up one time and asked for our cars to be cleaned and serviced.



If you haven't guessed from my previous posts (and this one), I loved every moment being in the SD until certain events took the fun away. I'm talking about the small calls like a simple altercation between two people in the street that could be solved by simply talking to each party and reaching a compromise. Driving down the street and being flagged down by some very worried civilians because they'd just heard what sounded like gunshots in the local donut shop.


Then there were the more major events that brought together the three major factions.


MVA's were one of the most fun for me though as it required co-operation between the SD and FD, we'd block the road and start interrogating witnesses whilst the FD tended to the victims.


I can understand that some people may view the SD / FD as a boring activity as they'd only catch a glimpse of an emergency vehicle whizzing past with its sirens on, but behind the scenes we were working together like an actual small town agency (we even trialed a desktop dispatching system with an actual dispatcher that worked very well). A few things the public didn't see, without giving too much away:


  • We originally had two divisions, SAC and NAC. The Northern Area Command were responsible for all major highways and northern bone county (we used the SFPD's for those who were confused) whilst the Southern Area Command were responsible for Fort Carson and southern bone county (LVPD's). Unfortunately though, We in NAC spent most of our time assisting SAC in Fort Carson
  • SRT - Strategic Response Team. Drove the enforcers, wore the SWAT uniform and dealt with the awesome stuff, like the terrorist situation on Route 9 that one time, a police chase ended when the driver announced he had wired the car with explosives. So we got some snipers in position and got a negotiator in. We also disposed of the illegal weapon shipment at the BCMA with a controlled explosion
  • PIV - Pursuit Interception Vehicle. Once some exotic cars were introduced to the dealership, we were quickly being outrun. So we had to purchase two buffalos to keep up with the fastest of vehicle
  • Auxiliary - Unfortunately, the server went down before we could use this. Its exactly what it is in real life, we were planning on letting people become volunteers and have their own marked vehicles (in a mod pack, these had amber lightbars) although they weren't allowed to use the lights or ignore traffic laws except in an absolute emergency

Nicolai worked very, very hard on the SD when he took over. But most of the stuff he did was for the eyes of people in the faction which led to the obvious criticism from some players against him


But at the end of the day, its important to remember why we closed. The final month or so of the server was not pretty and induced a lot of stress between us on the now old staff team and the players, something which shouldn't be caused by something we used to find relaxing and fun.

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Random Community Ideas

Stuff like that random carwash near the townhall, I was very pleased seeing that our players could think of some awesome RP ideas on their own without staff intervention. Hell, I remember us SD guys rolled up one time and asked for our cars to be cleaned and serviced.



It was always nice to see people that took on the true meaning of roleplay and didn't limit themselves to being a newb that does a "newb side job".  I loved seeing people actually use their imagination and do stuff like being prostitutes or setting up car washes like you mentioned above.  It was also always cool to see someone take out the ice cream truck or pretend they were a fighting champion in the SANN Center Arena.  Similarly, when I added new script features it was always fun to see how people would use them.  While most people simply used the ability to give the ownership of their car to someone else as a way to sell it quickly, it was brilliant that one time when I came in the server to see a group of people had actually set up a makeshift car dealership complete with salesmen and test drives.  Being the server manager, I would always do my best to help anyone who did stuff like that as well.  If John Doe was selling ice creams from his ice cream truck, Jessica Smith would be waiting in line to buy one and if Joe Bloggs is selling an exotic car, Terence Carter would be snapping it up at an exotic price tag.

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Chloe Blanc
Jun 06 2013 07:06 PM

I was driving an ice cream truck one day and i got freaking pulled over like a felony stopped and then they asked if they could have ice cream, 

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I was driving an ice cream truck one day and i got freaking pulled over like a felony stopped and then they asked if they could have ice cream, 



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When can we expect forums to be up and running?

Ice cream is a vital tool in modern day policing, we have to maintain a healthy supply ,especially in the desert...

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Chloe Blanc
Jun 06 2013 09:53 PM


*Chloe Blanc attempts to throw a handful of sprinkles at one of the officers*

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xD2Bx Platinum
Jun 06 2013 11:58 PM

This is excellent news! I am very excited to hear more info when it comes! :D

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Jun 07 2013 05:58 AM

It's been about a year since I've joined this community of great roleplayers and I hope we can continue this soon. I too can't wait for more news about the server!

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*Chloe Blanc attempts to throw a handful of sprinkles at one of the officers*

*Patrick Harper attempts to tackle Chloe and charge her with reckless endangerment*



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Jun 07 2013 09:30 AM

I am soo excited to play on FCRP again, that I will come on this website every day and post something just because I am excited :)

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Harper, you could charge Chloe with battery on a PO for for that. FUCK YEAH, POLICING!

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Good stuff seeing things moving once again, it has sure been a while.

Awesome, can't wait for the news on the server, good work Sam!

Chloe Blanc
Jun 07 2013 06:58 PM

*Patrick Harper attempts to tackle Chloe and charge her with reckless endangerment*



/do fail, you don't have the athletic ability to jump into the truck 

/do fail, we abuse our powers and teleport inside the truck.

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